Is it true Andorid is for the poor and Iphone for the rich?


Is it true that Android Phone are bought by poor people and Apple iPhone serve the 1% rich? Yesterday, market group research IDC publish some data that prove the question. From the data nearly 60% of Android phone sold cost less than $200 (lower end). Only 20% sales are in the high-end phone.

Apple iOS mobile operating system, by contrast, sell majority its smartphone more than 80% in hight end phone ($400++). Mid end with just 18% ($200 < $400).

Most people that i know own two phone, Andoid and iPhone. Android sold 300 million smart phone in Q2 2014 (85% of the phone shipped while Iphone just less than 10%).  Android is good phone for people and most people want smart phone for under $200.

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