Is LG G3 a good alternative to Samsung Galaxy S5?


The most aticipated phone in 2014. The LG G3 specification is consider as a high end smart phone with Snapdragon 801 chip, Quad core CPU , 3GB RAM and 2560 x 1440 display. 

The body of smartphone is a good looking phone and lighter too. It is pretty easy to use. The display 5.5 inch and have a sharp display. The phone is not that big at all and a bit compact compare to other smart phone.  The hardware and battery is 3000mAh is improve compare to previous version. The camera is great with HD video recording. You can take photo on volume button too.


The display of is very sharp with super resolution. The icon and apps is super resolution too. The application is snappy because of fast quad core CPU.  The Gaming performance is great too but its depend on the games that support high end smart phone.


The display with automatically dim to 89 to 90% as you used the smartphone. Maybe to save the battery life a bit. This maybe the best alternative to Samsung Galaxy S5.



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