Nexus 4 advantages and disadvantages compare to LG Optimus 4X HD


Let start with Nexus 4 advantage.

  1. Nexus 4 has a smaller size compare to LG Optimus 4x HD or alson known as LG X3.

  2. It has 8MP camera plus in front camera.

  3. Use the latest android 4.2.

  4. Extra 1GB ram (2GB)

Next Nexus 4 disadvantage.

  1. Slightly less battery life with just 2100 mAh

  2. No external memory available

  3. Bluetooth without A2DP



LG Optimus 4X HD

Let start with LG Optimus 4X HD advantage.

  1. Longer batter life. with 2150 mAh

  2. Bigger internal memory by default (16GB)

  3. Support external memory up to 32GB (very important if you see alot of memory or capture a lot of photo and video)

  4. Unique design

We prefer LG Optimus HD or LG X3 because of external memory support. It support external memory up to 32 GB. So LG Optimus X3 is the winner.

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