Sudden drop in Admob revenue & CTR






Today (17 Oct 2012), we where shocked to see sudden drop our Admob CTR. Low CTR effect the revenue. We only get 0.08% CTR compare to normal 1% we received a daily. The clicks drop tremendously. This is a bad news for indie full times apps developer like us. Does anybody experienced this? Â Hoped this gets fixed soon.

Maybe this is due to Adsense Click are not being reported at all, which explain why the metric drop dramatically. We are expecting recovery after this.Revenue usually drops at the at beginning of the quarter as advertising budgets are being renewed or maybe holiday might cause this problem.

We will wait for 2 days since clicks and impressions for Google ads may be delayed by up to 48 hours.

We hope this is temporary issue. We already Admob contact form for explanation. We will keep you updated soon.


Update: Image



We got notice that publisher revenue reporting statistics are currently delayed. We are working to bring these statistics up to date as quickly as possible.


Final Update:

We got email from on Oct 18 2012.


Thank you for writing in.

Please note that AdMob network reporting is temporarily down. Our engineers are aware of the issue and are working hard to resolve it. We appreciate your patience and look forward to restoring full reporting to your account soon.

Kind regards

Google AdMob Team
Everything is back to normal. :)
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