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The best way to write Android application is start a small project. If you are a computer science student, learn from your lecturer or professor. Small project will give you a good exersize how to build android application.

You need to start learn java, if you have a background in Windows phone or J2ME development, its is easy to convert the method or class into java.

If you come from desktop programming background such as visual basic, c#. Its a good opportunity to learn Android Development as desktop usage is drop in the previous years.Its easy to convert C# to Java. You can learn from trial and error. Stackoverflow is the best resources if you stuck during the development. Android is different from Desktop development, there are plenty of different hardware with different screen size. Its is a good idea to test your apps on different hardware and get the feedback early for the user.

It is also a good idea to learn about Web technologies, cloud and compute engine configuration. Its is a handy tool to build a scalable and connected mobile application.

Google IO channel at youtube is a great source for building the latest Android Apps. Be sure to subscribe it.
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If you received the following warning message while building your Android crosswalk application, you may need to build and use crosswalk version 10.

Warning: Crosswalk 7 uses an insecure version of OpenSSL and may be rejected by the Google Play Store. Use Crosswalk 10 if you plan to distribute via the Google Play Store.

Currently there are two version of crosswalk:

-- Beta -->
-- Stable -->

If you received error while uploading your apps to Play store, you can rebuild your application by using the beta version.

In the version 10, some of old Android 4 device cannot install your apps due the change to the SHA-256 with RSA signature.


If you want to promote your android apps or games, you must have a blog. You need to write about your application or games in your blog and ask your friend to comment and discuss about it. You alson need to have a social networking tools in your website. Post about your games or apps on social networking sites such as facebook, google plus, twitter or instagram. It also a great idea to post about you apps or games in the public forums. Again do not spam in the wrong forum as it may irritate the user and lead to negative review. You also can use youtube video as a marketing material. Its is a good idea to have a youtube channel and link it to the app store. You also can write about you games or apps in the review site. The review sites is another important aspect to promote you android apps and games. 



The best way to show a view in a position that user click is by using onTouchEvent methoid. The method will retrieve MotionEvent and you
can retrieve the boolean value. You can also put relativeLayout as main layout and you should get a user click and you should get the coordinate of user’s click. 


public boolean onTouchEvent(MotionEvent event) {


return true;

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If you program in Android, you will notice that not all your application will run well in the Android version. Old android version are still using old webkit version and don't support the latest standard such as webgl. Webview is a bit slow compare to the latest cromium version. Now you can replace Android’s default WebView with Crosswalk, a predictable web runtime for developing powerful Android and Cordova apps.

Webview work differently in different Android version. This prevent us from creating unify android application that will run on all Android version.

So far, we still unable to run crosswalk on Android devices.

Get started here.
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If you want to build Android hybrid application, it is recommended to use existing mobile framework. Mobile framework will help your application to look like a native application. Most of the javascript framework will allow you to design responsive mobile application that will automatically resize based on screen size.

Here is the recommended Mobile framework for Android development.