Rahsia Tarikh Lahir Android

Rahsia-tarikh-lahir-android is an application that reveal the secret about your birth day. It's a fun to play and the result can surprise you. What you need to do is just enter your day, month and year of your birth day and the apps will calculate and analyze your personalities based on sample data.

We tried to make the apps as simple and easy as possible to give the end user the great experience about their personalities. The accuracy of the analysis is quite good but don' believe it 100%.

It's an entertaiment apps and we hope you enjoy the application.




What Does Your Birth Date Mean?
Doing this personality test may help you understand what makes you what you are and why you react to things the way you do.
* Discover exact day you were born
* Your personality based on the day of the month of your birthday.
* Free and make a friend from this apps.
* Malay Language.



What's next?

We are going to improve the text speed.
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