Prank tic-tac-toe for Android

prank-tic-tac-toe-for-android is the longest apps we created. Unfotunately, the install of this app is low. Maybe prank apps is too common in Android Market. They is not much you can learn or earn from prank apps. We are not lucky in prank apps maybe. The good part is our user really like the idea and how we design the prank. It's a bonus for us since this is a free entertaiment apps.


Prank to scare friends. Give phone to your friends, ask them to beat the computer in tic tac toe games. What ever the result an ugly monster is flashing on the phone and scaring people off.
Similar to what ever Scare prank on the Internet. Now you can have your own personal Prank application on your Android Phone.
Use it to scare and shock your friends or anyone you feel like during Halloween.
Use at you own risk!



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