10 new features in the Android 4.1 API


API Level: 16

We provide you with useful new APIs for app developers.

  1. Live Wallpapers (you can preview wallpaper without leaving your apps)

  2. Media codecs (provide low level access to codex)

  3. Record audio on cue (you don't have to manually synchronize the tone )

  4. Audio effects (support Acoustic Echo Canceler (AEC).

  5. Gapless playback (gapless playback between separate MediaPlayer object -great features)

  6. Camera (auto focus movement new interface Camera.AutoFocusMoveCallback)

  7. Camera Sound (via MediaActionSound class)

  8. Fast Bluetooth via Andoid beam (new setBeamPushUris() method)

  9. Multicast DNS based service discoversy (new package android.net.nsd)

  10. Network Usage (via isActiveNetworkMetered())

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