Google Alo is a smart integrated messaging app that make you more productive

You can preregister for Google Alo. Google Alo is just like a Whatsapp with integrated Google  assistant services and aesthetic design.  Its also have a smart AI that will automatically reply your message based on your style. It is also rumour that the AI have develop sense of humour, if you try to send Poo emoji, the assistant will reply with "what a nice poo"..

You can also use ink function to draw on your photo before sending to your friends or families. 

Google Alo have a new modern stickers function that lets you communicate better and say what you really means. Google Alo really respect your privacy with icognito mode, where you can chat privately in end to end communication and avoid hacker from intercepting  your message.

Just like a whatsapp, you can chat, share location, voice messaging, gif and annotation. Unlike other google services, its tied to your mobile phone number and also you existing google account.

The Google Alo app is available on Google Play but still in alpha version. You can preregister early and get the application when its become beta version.

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