Smart home wifi with OnHub.. More Than A Router

OnHub is Google first effort to create smart Wifi for smart home.  onHub is a faster router which are designed to handle faster stream, quick download, and easier share. With simple setup and apps, OnHub improves connectivity for all your devices.

Instead of using blink light on router for information. OnHub five you full access whenever you need it. The Google On app gives you direct access to your OnHub system from any mobile device such as Android and Iphone.. You can make adjustments to nearly any setting and setup. Download the app on Google Play Store.

One of interesting new feature is a new partnership with Philips Lighting. A home device you can control directly with OnHub. You don't need to download apps to control the Philips Lightning Hue. Just type “On.Here” in a computer, tablet, or mobile browser to control your Philips Hue lights from there. 

Here is a video promo what you can do with OnHub.

We hope to see more smart home device connected to OnHub in the future and open the API to the developer to create smart home app device.

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