Create your own Android Augmented Reality

Welcome to Android Augmented Reality. Augmented reality enhanced environment around you can have various opportunities to get you interact. There are several successful Android AR apps in the market. 


ModiFace mobile apps are pushing the boundary of photo-realistic facial visualizations.


Star Walk
Star Walk was one of the first apps to create a form of digital stargazing with augmented reality.


Google Ingress (Android) — Free
AR game market, and it’s easily one of the most creative AR applications we’ve ever seen


What if you want to create your own Android Augmented Reality?

You can use AndAR. It is a GNU General Public License. This means you can freely use it in any of your projects, as long as you license them under the same license, this means the GPL. Download the code and try by yourself.

You can also use Wikitude Android SDK and Sony’s Camera Add-on API
Download and install the Wikitude Android SDK (sign-up required). It provides you with tools and samples to set up an augmented reality cam in just a few minutes.

There is also The Catchoom Augmented Reality and Image Recognition SD it is branded mobile application with the CraftAR service in the cloud.

Other Library

ARLab -
ARmsk -
ARToolKit - (Supports many devices)
Moodstocks -
popcode - (Supports Android and iPhone)
QCAR - Qualcomm Augmented Reality SDK - (Android & iOS)
SATCH - ( powered by Total Immersion - )


Good luck.

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