Smartphone market share from 2009 to 2012


Smartphone market share from 2009 to 2012 especially from US smartphone market share based on gartner smartphone market research we can see that Android Phone has 66.6% market share in 2012.

This is true if we compare it with worldwide smartphone market share where Google Android platform are getting bigger and bigger.

If we look back at Smartphone market share 2009, saw 47.0% phone user are Symbian based platform. Most of people are using Nokia phone that times and people still use Windows Mobile platform for smart phone experience.

Android smartphone market share has increase tremendously because they focus on user need. They gave the OS for free but are focusing on Advertisment to get revenue from smartphone os market share.



If you look at market share of smartphones and world smartphone market share from nielsen report in 2011, you can see that Android get 40% market share, 28% for Iphone and 19% for blackberry.

We can't predit the upcoming smartphones trend but we think that the market will go with Google Android in long future.


If we look at idc smartphone market share, we can see that Samsung is getting 29.1% of market sahre in first quater of 2012. Most samsung phone are based on android smartphone platform, this leave iphone smartphone market share to 27.0% market share.

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