Mobile App usage and prediction for 2017


It is estimated that there are more phone than people in 2017. There are 7.4 billion mobile phone and 88% from smart phone. Smartphone penetration usage double from 2013 (1.27 billion) to 2017 (2.26 billion). It is projected that more than 2.6 Billion smartphone user in 2019.  

Smartphone device ownership will growth significantly in China and India and will overtake United States  by 2019 in term of smartphone sales. In south east asia, Indonesia is the one of the leading country that leading the smartphone growth.

There is significant mobile advetising opportunity as dollar will follow consumer. With the growth of mobile phone user and people spend most of their time on smartphone compare to other channel such as newspaper, radio, tv or Internet. Its is estimated that there are about $25billion market opportunity in United states.

Global ads spend will grow 31% you in 2017. Mobile in app ads will grow to 3.2x . It is estimated that value of in app advertising market will reach $101 billion by 2017. It is good opportunity for mobile apps developer to tap in this key opportunity.

90% apps downloaded today from the play store are FREE. Onlye 2.3% of mobile gamer spend money in apps.

Recommendations (word of mouth) from friends or family (offline or online) are still the top place to find out about new apps.  The decision to install an app largely comes down to reviews/ratings and memory space and cost of the apps.


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