Whats new in Android M developer preview?


Android M application permission installation is on runtime.

Voice interaction, voice Interactor.

FingerPrint. FIngerprintManager.authenticate().

Android backup by default in AndroidManifest.xml

Google Play Services 7.5 (GCM Network Manager)

Maps on Android Wear,

Power to improve battery iife with Doze function( untouched devices become inactive).

Assistant Support (Just in time user interaction).

Data Binding connect data model in UI avoid tedious boilerplates.

UI features - Android design support library with material design. New coordinatorLayout, snacker, tab layout,NavigationView,FAB.

Webview new postMessage, WebviewClient

Notification- Icon in noticactions. Icon.createWithBitmap(iconBitmap).

Text Selection with easier selection (floating palette with action items) in <intent-filter>

App Links understanding the relationships between app and web domain. in statements,son with sha256_cert_fingerprint with android:host.

Share with Direct Share

Bluetooth Stylus support

Graphics with RenderScript compute.

Camera with new toruch mode with independent camera devices. Alpha optimization.

MIDI support for audio with both direction to midi devices.

Higher resolutions audio with single precision float.

Android studio improvement such as integrated testing support, data binding, Android NDK,


Systrace to diagnose performance problem and improvement with alert type.


ART improve compiler optimisation with runties states.

External Storage with Adopt permanaent storage avoide hard coded-path.







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