How to learn Android development?

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The best way to write Android application is start a small project. If you are a computer science student, learn from your lecturer or professor. Small project will give you a good exersize how to build android application.

You need to start learn java, if you have a background in Windows phone or J2ME development, its is easy to convert the method or class into java.

If you come from desktop programming background such as visual basic, c#. Its a good opportunity to learn Android Development as desktop usage is drop in the previous years.Its easy to convert C# to Java. You can learn from trial and error. Stackoverflow is the best resources if you stuck during the development. Android is different from Desktop development, there are plenty of different hardware with different screen size. Its is a good idea to test your apps on different hardware and get the feedback early for the user.

It is also a good idea to learn about Web technologies, cloud and compute engine configuration. Its is a handy tool to build a scalable and connected mobile application.

Google IO channel at youtube is a great source for building the latest Android Apps. Be sure to subscribe it.
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