How to install apps in the SD-Card?

If you want to install to sd card android or install android os on sd card
or looking a way how to install an sd card in android. The short answer is no.

You cannot install apps in the SD-Card. You can only install application in the memory card. One work around is the installing Android ROM on SD-Card by using magldr. Beware that you Android will run slowly on SD-Card.

You can also, go to setting and choose apps, transfer to SD-Card but not all application support this option including Androidrich apps.

If you are running low of disk space. You can install disk cleaner apps to delete temporary files in your memory. Go and download the disk cleaner apps at android market or droid market.

Some of this apps is included as android widgets so that you can clean and speed up your apps instantly.

or maybe it is a time for you to upgrade to a bigger space handphone such as HTC, Samsung S3, Ect.

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