AppBucks a new way to maximize the revenue of Android Apps


AppBucks is a new company to monetizing your Andoird app. If you got a cool app, you can register for Appbucks adknowledge with easy integration to increase your apps revenue.


Appbucks claims to display premium advertising offers to users after they install your apps. Through a combination of ad units including push notifications and icon ads, you can be sure to reach your full revenue potential. Push Ads are delivered to the Android phone's notification bar, and remain there until the user removes or clicks it. Push ads is a bit similar to airpush.


and icons ads


If you wonder this apps is compliant with Google's developer content policy, the company claims that their SDK includes ad attribution and an opt-in mechanism that you can use to ensure that your app remains compliant with Google's Developer Content Policy. Make sure to read the policy carefuly and implement the opt-in calls that are covered in the SDK documentation in your app.

You can visit their for SDK integration portal and you can ensure opt-out from user by one line of code.

When do you get paid?

Developers are paid on a per-impression or CPM basis, where an impression is an ad being pushed to a user's notification center (whether they see and click it or not), or an icon ad being installed on a user's home screen. The CPM actually paid out for a given app is driven by the quality of that app's traffic.

With so many option to monetize your apps, we think this new appbucks is worth to mention. So if you are looking other option to monetize your apps other than Admob,Airpush and ect. This is your alternative.

We will update you with our experience with this company in the future. Share your comment if you have good or bad experience with AppBucks.
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